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Moms in Style  

Matilda Jane

Website Address:

Special Sales: Matilda Jane offers discounts to hostesses in exchange for hosting a show. There have also been end of season sales, but they are quite unpredictable, meaning sometimes they have them, sometimes they don't.


Phone Number: (260) 424-3511

Line Releases starting in 2008:
Homegrown - Spring 2008
Art Fair - Summer 2008 Plymouth, MI
Sack Lunch - Fall First Release 2008
Westside - Fall Second Release 2008
Peace by Piece - Holiday 2008
Peace by Piece - Holiday 2008
Anticipation - Mini Line Release (in-home only, no virtual/internet sales)
Hotline - Spring March 1, 2009
May 1, 2009(not named) - 3 items for in-home only, no virtual/internet sales
Art Fair Season - They have done a variety of Art Fairs: Call-in (2008), online (2009), 435 (end of June at corporate location 2009), & Plymouth, MI (mid-July 2008 & 2009)
Gypsy Blue 1 - Fall 1 - Sept 8, 2009
Gypsy Blue 2 - Fall 2 Oct 1, 2009
Sparkletown - Holiday Nov 1, 2009

Matilda Jane is sold almost exclusively through home shows and virtual shows. Orders are placed with a Jane, who is considered the party hostess. The Jane, in partnership with her trunkkeeper (MJ Sales Consultant), answers questions and accepts order for her show. In exchange for her efforts, Matilda Jane awards the Jane with benefits based on the sales from her show.

In order to qualify as a show, there must be a minimum of $300 and sales and a total of 3 orders, not including the Jane order.

Jane Benefits

Sales Levels for Half-off items
$300 = 1 item at 50% off
$500 = 2 items at 50% off
$800 = 3 items at 50% off
$1000 = 5 items at 50% off
$1250 = 6 items at 50% off
For every $250 additional in guest sales earn 1 additional item at 50% off

Sales Levels for Spare Change (free money to spend on MJ, can not be used towards half off items)
$500 = $25
$1000 = $75
$1500 = $100
$2000 = $150
$2500 = $175
$3000 = $225
For every $500 additional in guest sales earn $25 in spare change

If you order through a trunk show, and opt for trunk show shipping (where the items are shipped to the Jane) then you will be charged a flat rate of $4 shipping for your order regardless of the amount you ordered. Otherwise, shipping is assessed at the following rates.
DIRECT SHIPPING RATES:$0-$50 $7.50 $50.01-$100 $9.50$100.01-$150 $11.50 $150.01-$200 $13.50 $200.01-$400 $16.50$400.01-$600 $21.50 $600.01-$1000 $25.50 $1000.01 + 5% of subtotal EXPRESSED SHIPPING:Add $18.00 to the Direct Shipping Rates ONLY on orders of $250 or less

Matilda Jane is also available online at Shipping rates are the same. Platinum items are different from the traditional seasonal lines, they are similar to the items that are available through art fairs. These items can not be ordered through a trunk show or trunk keeper. Some items are very limited quantity.

Terms to know:

Trunk Keeper - MJC Sales/Service Consultant. A good Trunk Keeper will help you navigate the twists and turns. Not all states have trunk keepers and even if your state does, you are still welcome to use a trunk keeper that is further away geographically. (if there is no TK in your state, you will not be assessed sales tax on your order)

Jane - A hostess for a trunk show


Clothing Terms to Know

Molly Skirt: A very full skirt, usually cut shorter, great for twirling

Greta Skirt: A longer, more narrow cut skirt, typically with an apron

Lap Dress: A soft knit solid color dress

Elaina Tunic: A tunic top that is gathered low

Maya Dress:

BlueBird/PinkBird/PurpleBird Dress: Knit tank on the top with a paneled woven skirt

Sasha Halter:

Ellie Halter: (tuck in her straps and she doubles as a skirt)